Tripiti, Western Crete
Location of the last major escape of Allied soldiers from Occupied Crete during World War (7-8 May 1943)

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Abbreviations and acronyms
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BLO British Liaison Officer
COS Chiefs of Staff 
EAM Ethnikon Apeleftherotikon Metopon (National Liberation Front)
FO Foreign Office
Force 133 SOE Greece, Romania and Bulgaria
Gendarmerie Ethniki Chorofilaki (National Provincial Police)
GHQ General Headquarters
G(R) Middle East section of MI(R)
Home Station SOE base wireless station
ISLD Inter-Services Liaison Department (SIS) (MI6)
JIC Joint Intelligence Committee
JPS Joint Planning Staff
ME Middle East
MEHQ Middle East Headquarters
MGB Motor Gun Boat
MI(R) Military Intelligence (Research)
MI6 Military designation of SIS
MI9 Military Intelligence Section 9 – Escape and Evasion
ML Motor Launch
MO4 SOE cover name in Cairo
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
POW Prisoner of War
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RN Royal Navy
RNVR Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
SAS Special Air Service
SBS Special Boat Section/Squadron
SIS Secret or Special Intelligence Service (MI6)
SO Special Operations
S01 Special Operations 1 (Propaganda)
S02 Special Operations 2 (Operations)
S03 Special Operations 3 (Planning)
SOC Special Operations Committee
SOE Special Operations Executive
WO War Office
W/T Wireless telegraphy/telegrapher