Tripiti, Western Crete
Location of the last major escape of Allied soldiers from Occupied Crete during World War (7-8 May 1943)

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Commemoration and unveiling of memorial 4 May 2013 to 11 May 2013

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4-11 May 2013

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4-11 May 2013

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In May 2013, a ceremony was held in commemoration of the rescue of Allied troops and others from the mouth of the Tripiti Gorge on 7/8 May 1943. As part of the commemoration, a memorial to the contribution of the people of western Crete in supporting the Allied troops in the period 1941-43 was unveiled at Tripiti Beach.

Visiting the memorial

The coastal village of Sougia, which is on the southern coast of western Crete 6 km west of the mouth of the Tripiti Gorge and the point of the rescue in 1943, has accommodation and a range of cafes, bars and small shops. The village is serviced by road (bus from Chania) from the north, and a regular ferry service along the coast. There is no ferry stop at the mouth of the Tripiti Gorge, but there is a local water taxi service available. The walk from Sougia to Tripiti beach is about 10km, with a difficult last section of descent.

There is no road access to the mouth of Tripiti Gorge.

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Be aware if you are searching the internet for more information that there is more than one "Tripiti Beach" in Crete