Tripiti, Western Crete
Location of the last major escape of Allied soldiers from Occupied Crete during World War (7-8 May 1943)

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People - Allied Servicemen




Click to see list of Allied servicemen's names as listed in the London Gazette of 4 April 1944

Full List of British, Australian and New Zealand Servicemen
evacuated at Tripiti on 7 - 8 May, 1943 (in alphabetical order)


869495                 Gnr. G. Broadhurst                 Royal Artillery
4611507               Pte. W. Cragg                          York and Lanc Regt
4746566               Pte. W. Gladwin                      York and Lanc Regt
T/155993             Dvr. A. O’Leary                      RASC
5988925               Gnr. D. Reynolds                    Royal Artillery
890184                 Gnr. S. Robinson                    Royal Artillery
2581346               Sgmn. L. N. Stephenson                   Royal Signals
864369                 Spr. A. R. Waters                    Royal Engineers


VX5873               Pte. W. Allen                           2/7 Bn
VX11941             Pte. J. Bertie                            2/5 Bn
VX4685               Sergt. C. J. Corbould               2/7 Bn
VX17061             Corpl. A. Duncan                             2/7 Bn
NX15471             Pte. F. Ezzy                                       2/2 Bn
VX17811             Pte. J. Grieves                         2/7 Bn
VX37362             Pte. V. Howard                       2/7 Bn
NX5452               Pte. C. Hunter                         16 Bde HQ
NX3480               Gnr. F. James                          2/3 Fd Reg
VX4662               Sergt. C. R. Peck                     2/7 Bn
VX4663               Pte. D. Pettigrew                     2/7 Bn
VX13409             Pte. C. Rankin                         2/6 Bn
VX5567               Sergt. C. N. E. Ruddick                    2/7 Bn
VX5550               Sergt. G. C. Ruddick               2/7 Bn
NX5610               Pte. J. Simcoe                          16 Bde HQ


33205                            Spr. L. C. Beere                       19 Army Tr. NZRE
4613                     Dvr J. Findlay                         1st Div Sup Col
8833                     Pte. A.R. Grant                       2nd Coy 27 MG
1434                     Gnr. L. J. Kelly                        26 Bn 4th Fd Reg
6486                     Sgmn. M. F. Knight                 1st Div Sigs
20090                            Pte. K. J. Little                        21 Bn 4th Fd Reg
1700                     Gnr. R. G. MacDonald            26 Bn 4th Fd Reg
30096                            Pte. D. B. McCallum               22 Bn
7471                     Pte. J. T. McDevitt                            20 Bn
2007                     Gnr. M. D. McLagan               5th Fd Reg
29854                            Pte. A. Pauling                        18 Bn
22436                            Gnr. J. J. Quinn                       28 Bn %th Fd Reg
6633                     Dvr. J. Symes                          1st  Bn Pet Coy
13256                            Dvr. R. H. L. Wood                 1st Div Sup Col