Tripiti, Western Crete
Location of the last major escape of Allied soldiers from Occupied Crete during World War (7-8 May 1943)

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People - Cretan
  This section is dedicated to the many Western Cretan families and individuals who assisted the escapers and evaders during their time "on the run" in Western Crete between June 1941 and May 1943, and in the time leading up to the escape itself.

PDF file: Post-rescue de-briefing list of active Cretan sympathisers
For clarity: Supporters of the Allied service personnel on Crete

PDF file: Typed version of list with annotations


Translated to Greek language -
PDF file: Active Greek sympathisers

A Rare Find in the National Archives, London
A List of Friendly Cretan Families Recorded by the May 1943 Evacuees

(As recorded by Ian Frazer …) In 2008 I spent two weeks in the National Archives in London (formerly the Public Record Office).  I wanted to track down all the SOE and MI9 reports relating to Crete and find out as much as possible about the rescue of Allied soldiers from 1941 to 1943.  I did not know what to expect as I had read beforehand that most of the SOE records had been lost; either being destroyed during the war, burnt during a fire at SOE headquarters in 1945, or destroyed during reorganisation of the files after the war. As it turned out, there were still a lot of records available but searching them was quite a serendipitous process:  sometimes reports were missing altogether, often they were incomplete or heavily censored, titles were not always a good guide to contents.  I soon realised that unless I went through every file carefully, irrespective of what it said on the outside, I might miss out on something rare and exciting.  This is what happened when I found the document that is reproduced here.  The catalogue reference was not very informative – HS 5/672 Foreign personnel: personalities, lists of collaborators, sympathisers, etc.  – but informative enough to warrant inspection....

Click here to read the full description of Ian Frazer's 2008 discovery. See links at left for the list itself, and a typed variant of the list with recent annotations showing links between the Cretan supporters and the Allied soldiers.

  Cretan families
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