Tripiti, Western Crete
Location of the last major escape of Allied soldiers from Occupied Crete during World War (7-8 May 1943)

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SOE reports
  In this section, various SOE reports are presented.
Major Xan Fielding - The month preceding the evacuation

Excerpt from Fielding’s April 1943 report, gives some idea of the conditions and problems being faced by him and other British agents immediately prior to the evacuation.

Major Xan Fielding - 7 May 1943 Report written on 7 May 1943 on the beach as the rescue boat was approaching. Handed by Fielding to Pte Charlie Hunter to carry on the boat
Arthur Reade, whose report was also carried by Pte. Charlie Hunter Arthur Reade was an SOE agent who was sent to Crete for the first time in late November 1942